The chef is the one who can transform the innate catering need of man, into an artistic creation and gourmet delight. Young men and women who wish to excel in the culinary art should yearn good food and should differentiate themselves in terms of imagination and creativity.


  • Designs the menu

  • Is in charge of food supply

  • Cares for the artistic presentation of several dishes

  • Is responsible for the quality of the food and the kitchen hygiene

  • Coordinates and manages the kitchen staff

  • The Graduates of this course of study can be involved in such

Business as…

  • Hotel establishments

  • Catering establishments (restaurants of all types)

  • Catering companies

  • Cruise ships

  • Institutions

  • Hospitals

  • Setting up a personal restaurant establishment or catering company

Indicative Courses and Subjects:

  • Culinary Art

  • History of Cooking and Nutrition

  • Elements of Pastry Cooking

  • Turkish Traditional Cuisine

  • Foreign Countries Specialties

  • Decorative Cooking

  • Meat Cuts and carving

  • Math principles for Kitchen Management

  • Restaurant plant and Kitchenware

  • Food Science

  • Food Sanitation

  • Dieting

  • Management and operation of a restaurant

  • Catering

  • Menu planning

  • Staff Management

  • Trade control

  • Oenology

  • Cost control