The students have to fulfill 3 compulsory internships before their graduation. Internship: Application or Management Internship

At the end of spring semester of the freshman year

20 work days (Uninterrupted)

2.nd Internship: Application or Management Internship

At the end of spring semester of the sophomore year

20 work days (Uninterrupted)

3.rd Internship: Application Internship*

At the end of spring semester of the junior year

60 work days (Uninterrupted)

*Our students can take their 3rd class internship with awarded restaurants and chefs affiliated to the "Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises" institution in Lyon, France, within a certain quota. This quota is determined by the academic performance they have shown during the previous 3 years, as well as the educational evaluations with the French chefs and the result of the interview.

Those students who are going to make their internships should have the “Internship Acceptance Form” signed by the responsible staff from Internship place and one of the members of the Internship Committee at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the internship; and submit the original copy to Res. Assist. Feray İrigüler (; and submit one copy to Career Guidance Center in order to get the compulsory insurance. One copy of the form should be kept by the student.

Internship Committee Members

The reports for all the three internships should be written in English and submitted to Res. Asst. Feray İrigüler one week after the internship has been completed. In order to receive a satisfactory grade from the internships, the following items in addition to those indicated in the IUE Internship Guide should be paid attention to:



The final report should include the following:

* Cover Page

* Summary

* Questions to be answered

* Internship Diary

* Internship Acceptance Form

* Internship Evaluation Form

* Intern Evaluation Form (signed and sealed in an envelope)

* Presentation CD



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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Internship within the same company twice will not be validated.