Has long been among the world universities and institutes culinary arts programs in our country has become the focus of attention. In this, as well as the effect of changes in cultural structure of Turkey’s tourism is the fastest growing sector is also showing a significant share. Under the Izmir Economy University School of Applied Sciences and Arts Management Culinary Arts and Management program located, as well as having the purpose of Program pratical knowledge and skills, to train chefs who know the culinary world. These individuals often take part in the services sector, improving communication skills and procedural knowledge are grown as a character.

The purpose of Culinary Arts and Management program in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts is to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to train the armed individuals. The program is the most important feature that makes it different from others is that it is given special importance to the development of management skills and knowledge. It was also weighted to business and management training courses within four years. Thus, students, business management, finance, business functions such as marketing and they know how to perform the activities in this area will have the opportunity to learn in practice. The remaining period of the training is to complete a financing in the form of practical hands-on  training is provided. During this period, students as well as the theoretical background of the culinary arts, they learn Word cuisine as practical. In France 150 chef’s bound to Les Toques Blanches LYONNAISES institution in our department pioneering French chefs in the profession with the agreement signed with lectures during certain periods, the students in line with these relationships in France during the summer period in the Michelin-starred restaurant or they find the opportunity to make long-term internships with the award-winning chef. The number of restaurants is increasing with every passing year we are in collaboration. Culinary Arts Management program and  the language of instruction is English’. Students, as long as they continue to learn a second foreign language training are being given by our university. Having two foreign language students who graduated in the sector and armed with practical knowledge, the need for visionary chefs are largely costs.